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The Role Of The Jungian Analyst

Most people are aware that Jungian Analysis is a talk therapy method developed by Carl Jung.

They also may know that Jungian Analysis (or Analytical Psychology) focuses on the messages of the subconscious and how, by understanding and integrating the messages from the subconscious with the conscious thoughts, people can become authentically themselves and have a stronger feeling of balance and wholeness.

While Analytical Psychology is highly effective in treating mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, phobias, grief or other types of issues that may be caused by trauma, low-self-esteem or combinations of factors, it is also an effective option for individuals with a desire to become more aware of themselves and how and why they hold specific beliefs or engage in particular behaviours.

Jungian psychoanalysis requires commitment on the part of the therapist but also on the part of the client. There is a need to share information, sometimes challenging or difficult information, and to be open to learning about yourself, even when it may not be easy to hear. Working with a trained Jungian analyst will be essential to provide clients with the insight, the support and the experiences needed to delve deep into their own being to learn more about themselves.

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Training For A Jungian Analyst

To become a Jungian Analyst, psychotherapists must complete additional training in the form of a diploma from a post master's degree program. These diplomas must be granted from an IAAP or International Association of Analytical Psychology school. This training is rigorous, as the individual completing the training has to complete a formal personal training analysis. In other words, students in the programme are not there to simply learn the methods, theory and the knowledge-based requirements of the Jungian method, but are also required to get to understand themselves on the level at which they will be working with clients.

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Connecting with their own unconscious and learning how their own thoughts, experiences, and beliefs create blind spots and complexities they have to learn to recognise is all part of this component of training. Each Jungian Analyst, in addition to the educational component of the training, will also complete 350 hours where they are working with an already IAAP registered Jungian Analyst.

Even after all of this work, the Jungian Analyst will then be supervised for several years and will actually be known as an analyst-in-training. All psychotherapists and analytical psychologists will also work as both supervisors and supervisees throughout their professional career. The student will also be required to complete a clinical practicum in a specialised psychiatric facility and then complete a thesis, multiple papers, and other requirements.

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The result of this training is a Jungian Analyst with the ability to use various techniques to allow clients to connect with their unconscious as well as with their creativity. This may include the analysis incorporating therapeutic practices such as art therapy, music, movement, journaling, creative writing and other forms of expression beyond just talk therapy.

Through providing interpretation and therapeutic treatment options, the Jungian Analyst will be instrumental in helping to discover a greater understanding of self. By getting to the root of the negativity at a very deep level, true healing and change can occur that is lifelong.

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