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Analysis And Healing

Analysis can be used effectively in the treatment of both diagnosed mental health conditions as well as to address specific challenges an individual may be facing. It is very effective in the treatment of conditions such as depression and addiction.

Analysis is also commonly used in helping clients to address issues with body image, low self-esteem, difficulties with relationships and when people are experiencing grief and loss.

Jungian analysis is designed to help the individual in gaining a deeper and more complete understanding of themselves as a whole person. This includes seeking messages and information from the subconscious to bring balance and a sense of wholeness and completeness to the person. It is about exploring the deep roots of issues and through that exploration, allowing the patient to achieve an understanding of the meaning of the problem, which then provides a pathway for recovery.

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The Collaborative Approach

Unlike some therapeutic modes where the professional leads the process and the client follows, in Jungian analysis there is a true collaboration between the analyst and the client. They work together to develop a sense of balance between the conscious and the unconscious, which in turn leads to a development of meaning, an ability to address the mental health issue or a way to move forward by addressing issues that have been repressed or hidden.

Throughout the process, the analyst and the client will discuss dreams, memories, fantasies, history, expressions and creative urges of the patient. The Jungian Analysis sees these experiences as tapping into the message from the unconscious mind and as a way for the psyche to attempt to create harmony and balance as well as self-regulation.

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Through exploring the personal unconscious of the client in a very emotionally safe, confidential and supportive environment, meaning and messaging can be understood as it relates to the client in their particular environment and stage of development. Within these discussions, the analyst and the client also explore how patterns and relational dynamics are occurring in the present. This interpersonal experience, as well as the personal unconscious, allows for the analyst to help the client to develop self-awareness.

This growth of self-awareness can show positive and negative parts of self that may have been hidden, repressed or unknown until the process began. Through talk therapy, music therapy, art therapy or even the use of movement the client will gain an awareness at a very deep and personal level of the passions, motives, insecurities and even the defensive behaviours that may be helping or hindering his or her personal growth and development.

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A Process, Not A Specific Point

An important aspect of working with a Jungian analyst is the work that both the analyst and the client have to put into the process. This is not a quick sprint to perfection, but rather a journey of self-exploration to develop a comprehensive understanding of self.

As such, the analyst and the client may work together for months or years. Each individual will have a different journey and will see themselves as completing that journey at their own pace.

Working a trained Jungian analyst will ensure the journey is productive and that upon completion, the client has addressed the issues causing the problem or challenge and have a deep understanding of themselves.

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